Master Kohga

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Master kohga is the boss of the Yiga clan, he loves bananas and makes giant spiked balls to throw at Link. He steals the thunder helm in breath of the wild and lives at the end of the Yiga base. Once you get him down to 0% health, he falls down a hole and soon after, a giant Metal ball follows and crushes him. Then a treasure chest appears at the top leaving behind a trail of ofuda


     Kohga ball.PNG

Master Kohga fights with giant metal balls using magnesis (a magic ability used to lift metal items, it was developed by the sheikah tribe). he uses them to throw at Link and other enemies of the Yiga. master Kohga has many of these weapons. in age of calamity he also uses a demon carver.

Habitat and where he lives

Kohga lives around the last room of the yiga base