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Yiga blade masters are easily distracted by bananas. If you drop them in front of a blade master they will eat them.They also drop bananas when you kill them. While a blade master is eating bananas you can sneak up and kill him using a sneakstrike! They use Windcleavers to fight and there most popular spawn point is north of the great plateau.

habitat and where they live

The Yiga blademasters are often found in central Hyrule but they only spawn after you kill Master Kohga. They also live in the Yiga base. They are easy to shoot because they stand still unlike Yiga footsoldiers.


Yiga blademasters can only use one weapon,Windcleavers. The Windcleaver is basically a giant sword that shoots wind. Blademasters also hold torches when they are patrolling the yiga base.