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Yiga footsoldiers are some of the lowest ranked members of the yiga clan. They love bananas and fight with Vicious Sickles duplex bows and demon carvers. When you kill them they drop rupees and bananas. They can turn into people and when you talk to them they turn into footsoldiers.

Habitat and where they live

Yiga footsoldiers often inhabit the whole land of Hyrule. How ever these tricky fiends often hang around in the yiga base. they can also spawn randomly after you defeat master Kohga.


These Yigas use Vicious Sickles, Demon carvers and sometimes they use Duplex bows. The Yiga footsoldiers weapons are always one handed melee weapons which adds to the fact that they are small and agile.

how to recognize a Yiga in disguise

If you run into a person who you think might be a Yiga, check if their name is "traveler" if so, they will become a Yiga footsoldier. so use that trick if there is a suspicious person down the road and you think they're a Yiga.