Vicious Sickles

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The Vicious Sickle is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a sickle used by Yiga footsoldiers and it can be obtained by Link. it is the first Yiga clan weapon Link obtains. they can also be obtained in the outskirts of kakariko village and in the yiga base.

Yiga attacks

The Vicious Sickles have meany attacks these are the ones a Yiga can use when holding this item:

  • smash from the air (only possible after teleporting) 16+
  • running strike (only possible after running) 16
  • general melee attack 16

Link attacks

these are the attacks Link can use while this weapon is equipped:

  • melee attack (tap Y) 16
  • spin attack (hold Y) 16+
  • jump slash (X Y) 13
  • falling jump slash (jump of then tap Y) 16+


  • Strength: 16
  • Durability: 14


The Vicious Sickle appears as an old, worn metal sickle. Much like a scythe, this weapon has a curved blade and is often referenced to the the grim reaper. The Vicious Sickle has red cloth tied around it much like most Yiga weapons. It has a red grip handle and has many scratches on the blade.